Fright at Night - Haunted House



"...really, this is your last year, I'll come and work, please don't close!!!"
"...OH MY GOD, that was way scarier than SCREAMTOWN"
"That clown was insane...what? OMG, get him away from me!!" (as the clown followed the guest towards the street)
"...I know that Jason is a real one, see (poke poke, followed by) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, mom I swear he moved!!!"
"... the corn maze smelled so real, did u really grow that corn in that room?"
"...I'm coming back tomorrow and bringing way more friends!!!"
"Hey Alecia, remember last year when we were here, you wouldn't go in, so you sat outside... you HAVE to go in this year!!!" Note: Alecia did NOT go in (but the characters came to "meet" her).
"I can't breathe, I can't breathe, OMG OMG!!!"


"...No, I'm serious, I'm not going in there without seeing what that clown looks like first..."
—Shoreview, MN
—St. Paul, MN
"Holy *^%*!!!!!!!"
—Chicago, IL
"I really didn't believe our host when she said it was better than the professional ones we've been too... NOW I DO, you guys do a great job!!!"
—Minneapolis, MN (Events & Adventures Guest)
"Can I get a picture with the cast? They were sooooo good"
—Twin Cities, MN (Full Throttle Vendor)
", I really liked that 'rummer!!!"
—Forest Lake, MN (this was in reference to the chain saw guy making the "rummmmmmmmmer" sound)
"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man, I think I pooped myself!"
—New Richmond, WI


"We go to all the Twin City Haunts (including the professional ones) and this is one of the best!!!"
—Burnsville, MN
"We came last year (2005) and couldn't believe how awesome this was, this year it was even scarier!"
—Minneapolis Theatre Company Cast
"OK, so I knew it was good when my 15 year old daughter just peed her pants"
—White Bear Lake, MN
"Can I just sit down here for a little bit, I don't think I can walk, my legs are still shaking from that clown!!!"
—St. Cloud, MN
"We heard about you last year, thanks for making arrangements for our youth group to come in early! This was our first stop on our Surprise Night, and I think we completely scared most of these kids"
—Church Youth Group, St. Paul, MN
"What are your hours tomorrow night, this is unbelievable, I'm bringing a whole different group of friends tomorrow!!!"
—Maplewood, MN
"Each year I keep thinking, no way, this can't be that scary, it's in someone's yard, but each year I've gotten scared by something here!"
—Hudson, WI


"WOW, we never thought this was going to be this good! We couldn't imagine 2 amateur teens putting this together."
—Menomonie, WI
"Don't play with me clown!!!"
—Minneapolis, MN
"Holy crap! Oh my God! Get me out of here!"
—St. Paul, MN
"We thought this was going to be totally lame, and we are completely surprised with how awesome this is!!! Are you going to have it next year, cuz we'll bring the whole cast!"
—Minneapolis Theatre Company Cast
"Oh my gosh, your haunted house is better than the one at the MN State Fair."
—Roseville, MN